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Your Prospex Success Coach

Name: Jim Gillhouse

Phone: 334-475-0877


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About Jim Gillhouse

Hello There,

My name is Jim Gillhouse and on behalf of myself, my family, the person that invited you to check out the Prospex System, my friend Jason O'Toole and the entire faculty here at I would like to congratulate you on taking the action steps necessary to get here and welcome you to Your Prospex.

As you may or may not already know... I've been successfully helping others to help the ones they love to enhance and enrich the lives of the people that matter most in our lives since 1997.

After all, you're here to learn how this system and I can help you grow your business.

Allow me to invite you to do a Google Search on my name "Jim Gillhouse" and see what you find...

I am a huge fan of "Due diligence" because I believe that the person and the team that we choose to be our sponsor, trainer and mentor is even more important than any company, product, service and/or opportunity we choose to partner with.

If you're doing your due diligence right now then allow me to invite you to read the article "The Secret to Choosing the Right Sponsor for YOU"

After you read the article above, call me at (334) 475-0877 to learn more about why I recommend and how I can help YOU to build your business.

Remember, Success is a choice - Here's to yours.

Warm Regards and God Bless,

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